About Me

Prepare yourselves folks, and enter my superlative world of phantasmagoria, a world of fictional storytelling prowess, where things may not be as they first appear to the min…  WAIT!  This page is about me, dammit!

Ocht well, here I am, an Ayrshire chap that’s decided to try his hand at fictional writing.   I’ve been scribbling down my ideas for a few years now and spent many a night with my face glued to the screen of a laptop, or in the toilet of a Swiss airport whilst charging the phone and trying to come up with some good ideas (true story).  I’ll be honest with you though, some of the best material I’ve got has been written when I’ve had a few, cah-PEESH!?  There’s normally a few editorial changes made the following morning, but still, good material nonetheless.  So, here I am…  On a blogging site, glued to the screen of a computer.  Again…  Actually, I think a blog will be a great way to get some recognition for the work I’ve done and, well, maybe it’ll even take me places in the future.

The newest piece I’m working on is called Hoi Polloi,” which roughly translated means: The Many, or in a more derogatory sense and in relation my new story: The Common People or The Riff-Raff as they’re also referred to.  I also decided to add the tagline The Superlative World of Phantasmagoria.”  Maybe it refers to the story, maybe it doesn’t.  I’ll let you decide that for yourselves as you read through my blog snippets.  I actually have a running joke with a friend where I try to include the word phantasmagorical’ in just about every piece of writing I do, so when he reads it, I always hear an outburst of laughter and I just know he’s got to it.

I’ve got a few things on the go at the moment, from swashbuckling sea-fairing pirate adventures, to more serious sci-fi space-age battles.  The latest edition to my repertoire is a gritty Scottish murder-thriller set in Glasgow, present day, and follows the main protagonist, Jo-Jo, on his journey of self-destruction and discovery.  As an out-of-work, mid-20’s recreational drug user, he becomes homeless and then witnesses a murder in Glasgow, on the night of the George Square Market Fair.

Recently, I’ve spent a LOT more time on this than anything else I’ve done so far.  That must mean it’s good, surely?  It all seems to fall into place a lot more easily.  Maybe it’s because I’ve never travelled at light speed between solar systems, fighting alien species, or sailed the seven seas in search of the infamous Black Hollow Island with an Admiral of the Black chasing me hard-a-starboard(!)

It’s a blog of excerpts from my latest piece, so make sure to stay tuned for snippets from this witty Scottish murder-thriller.  I hope you all enjoy my writing and I’ll try to add to it as much as I possibly can.


"Have you ever known an author who didn't like drink?"

“Have you ever known an author who didn’t like drink?”