“For nearly 100 years now, our closest star Nemesis, in the Chaos star system, has battled through a late stage of stellar evolution and in this enigmatic phase of its life, is gradually becoming a Red Giant.  In its destructive battle against gravity, the Nemesis star will eradicate everything it comes into contact with.  At this very moment in time, only the star’s swollen outer shell creates Nuclear Fusion and in doing so the fiery clouds of Hydrogen and Helium pose extinction to all of our four inner planets.  Now, after years of debate, preparation and struggle amongst astronomers and the best scientific minds on our planet, the Gaian race has been left with no option but to evacuate in order to sustain life and ultimately, survive.  Our beautiful planet Erradin El-Dari Gaia shall be doomed.  At nearly 100 times bigger than the Nemesis star was during the 1st Rise, it has begun to consume our neighbouring planets Letus, Apollo, Aletheia and will ultimately incinerate Gaia, bringing the planet to its unfortunate demise.  Our once peaceful and magnificent sanctuary of the High El-Dari shall be engulfed in a ball of fiery gases as the Nemesis star becomes a Red Giant.  From once a story of creation, where nuclear fusion brought life to planets amongst the interstellar expansion of the universe, the Gaian race shall be shadowed by an ill-fated and premature death.”



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